15 Gorgeous Lavender Bedroom Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (2024)

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Last updated on January 27th, 2024

When it comes to bedroom color schemes, few options can appear more relaxing and dreamy than purple. It’s not really the first choice that comes to mind when designing the look of this room, but purple has some great soothing qualities that will make you consider it. Out of all purple shades worth trying, lavender tones manage to stand out the most. That’s because lavender strikes just the right balance between pink and blue. It offers a sense of maturity without too much sugary sweetness. Lavender purple is a reliable color for decorating any bedroom.

Some homeowners might consider this purple shade a little too bold to use in home decor. However, there are many ways to incorporate lavender without necessarily going for a dramatic makeover. Well-placed accents can enhance many bedrooms with a purple touch without allowing the color to become overwhelming. If you’re looking to bring the serene touch of lavender purple to your bedroom, check out these stylish ideas that can inspire you to make a bolder decorating decision.

1. Lavender Curtains

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When it comes to incorporating lavender purple into your bedroom, consider some stylish window treatments. A majestic set of curtains can add a sense of drama to the room without overwhelming the space. Thanks to its gray undertone, lavender works perfectly for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. It’s not as intense compared to other shades of purple and seems to promote restfulness.

2. Lavender Bedroom With a Glamorous Effect

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Purple used to be associated with royalty in the past. The color can be used successfully together with gold accents and other elegant decorations to create a glamorous visual effect. Selecting a lavender purple tone feels like an inspired solution to keep the ambiance more soothing in the bedroom. Check out this cozy attic retreat that features a stylish lavender purple hue for the walls. It allows the light fixtures to stand out more effectively.

3. Bedroom With a Hint of Lavender

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Even if you think that a neutral color scheme works best for the bedroom, you can still use lavender by integrating just a hint of the shade. Think of small yet impactful decor pieces such as throw pillows or blankets. They can draw some attention to the main furniture element in the bedroom – the bed. The pop of lavender contrasts beautifully against the neutral backdrop made up of taupe and cream tones.

4. Lavender and Pink Bedroom

15 Gorgeous Lavender Bedroom Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (4)

Many similar colors work well together with lavender purple. Pink is a great example because it can emphasize the femininity of this light purple tone. Instead of allowing blush pink to dominate the color palette of the bedroom, consider the addition of small lavender accents to create a pleasant pastel look. Whether you choose drapes or a tufted headboard, the lavender purple elements can look gorgeous when mixed with soft pink walls.

5. A Mix of Purple Tones

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Light purple tones like lavender can be safely combined with other purple shades to create a layered look. Consider integrating some accents featuring deeper or lighter shades of purple resulting in a subtle contrast without affecting the overall visual cohesiveness. For example, the lavender purple walls in this bedroom look stunning together with the darker purple tones used for the floor. Proper color coordination is further achieved by including pastel blue hues for the bed.

6. Lavender Headboard Trim

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Looking for ways to include a very subtle touch of lavender in the bedroom? The headboard is a prime candidate for a colorful makeover. This element can create a stylish contrast against the wall and it can affect the entire look of the bed. Decorate the trim of the headboard in a very pale shade of lavender to add a distinctive air to the piece. You can make a solid visual upgrade to the plain design of the headboard while enhancing the overall ambiance with a hint of lavender.

7. Small Lavender Accents

15 Gorgeous Lavender Bedroom Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (7)

Small decorative pieces can make a big difference in terms of visual impact. It takes a bit of effort to pick the right colors, textures, and patterns. The placement matters as well. A small decoration that features a soft lavender color will likely not stand out too much. That’s why it’s recommended to choose a larger piece such as wall artwork. Pair small little details together to obtain a cohesive picture. The purple art goes well together with the headboard featuring a matching tone.

8. Lavender and White Bedroom

15 Gorgeous Lavender Bedroom Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (8)

Few colors can be paired more effectively with lavender than white. It’s a gorgeous match because the brightness of crisp white has the ability to enhance the sophisticated air of lavender purple. The result is an inviting atmosphere that feels more interesting compared to a classic neutral style without adding too much drama in the bedroom. This area should be designed with a proper focus on restfulness and it looks like a lavender and white color scheme helps to achieve precisely that.

9. Two-Tone Lavender Wall

15 Gorgeous Lavender Bedroom Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (9)

Here’s another example of combining lavender purple with white. This is an inventive way of balancing the two colors by opting for a two-tone wall. It’s a recommended solution if you’re tempted by a complete purple makeover in the bedroom, but don’t feel ready to make such a big commitment. Keeping the other half of the wall white allows for some breathing room. You can take the opportunity to integrate some bold floral designs or intricate patterns without overwhelming the space too much.

10. Sleek Modern Lavender Bedroom

15 Gorgeous Lavender Bedroom Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (10)

Lavender purple seems like a great match for many traditional bedroom styles. However, it’s also a solid pick for beautifying a modern bedroom. A statement wall painted with a soft purple tone can complement the sleek elements of a modern space. It prevents the room from feeling too monotonous while still maintaining a decidedly modern appeal. Even minimalist bedrooms can safely incorporate this purple tone as it’s not straying too far from a standard neutral palette.

11. Cottage Charm Lavender Bedroom

15 Gorgeous Lavender Bedroom Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (11)

Country cottage styles look stunning if you include some well-placed lavender purple accents. This color has the ability to induce a sense of peacefulness that seems particularly fitting for a bedroom. Brighter country cottage color schemes can benefit the most from the calming presence of lavender. Take a look at the cozy contrast created by this vibrant turquoise nightstand against the soft purple bedding. Together with the floral decals on the wall, the color combination looks incredibly charming.

12. Serene Foundation

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It may come as a surprise for some, but lavender purple is a highly recommended color to create a good foundation for the bedroom. You can use it to set the mood while building a distinctive design through the use of various elements and accents. This traditional bedroom evokes a sweet serenity through the lavender walls that form a great backdrop for the black iron bed and comfy bedding textiles. The peacefulness of this soft purple shade is masterfully combined with luxurious accents such as the white marble lamp and gold trim on the bedside chest.

13. Bold Accent

15 Gorgeous Lavender Bedroom Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (13)

The right decor piece can pack quite a visual punch if you opt for a more unexpected color such as lavender purple. An amethyst crystal seems like the perfect complement to an airy bedroom where neutral colors dominate. This type of crystal can serve as a bold lavender accent that appears more striking in the white-dominated space. Any nightstand can take advantage of this simple yet impactful decoration without worrying about transforming the entire bedroom into a purple makeover.

14. Lavender and Navy Blue

15 Gorgeous Lavender Bedroom Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (14)

If you’re not afraid to create a more dramatic look for your bedroom, the combination of lavender and navy blue can turn up the elegance to a new level. The dark walls can feel a little overbearing visually, but the softness of the lavender bed brightens the mood of the room. This is a good example of using lavender purple in a modern setting. The atmosphere can appear a little too dark for some people but it still remains somewhat calming and romantic.

15. Cheerful Lavender Style

15 Gorgeous Lavender Bedroom Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (15)

When it comes to color combinations that you can try with lavender purple, few options can be considered more fun than yellow. The cheerful appeal of yellow accents can make an unexpectedly great pairing with the relaxed vibe of lavender. The striking contrast between these two tones creates a one-of-a-kind bedroom. It’s a recommended style for sunny bedrooms that take advantage of copious amounts of natural sunlight.

15 Gorgeous Lavender Bedroom Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (2024)


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