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Senior Fashion Editor | Forbes Vetted


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Preston's Summary

Kari Molvar is a Senior Fashion Editor for Forbes Vetted, as well as a contributor to Forbes and Vogue. With a focus on fashion, Kari covers topics such as shopping deals, style trends, beauty products, and expert advice on clothing and accessories. Her articles provide readers with valuable insights into the world of fashion and help them make informed purchasing decisions.

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Geo Focus


Coverage Attributes:


Promotional Deal:41%

Gift Guides:26%



Press Release:1%

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Beauty and skincare
  • Winter sports
  • Cyber Monday deals
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Black Friday deals
  • Men's fashion
  • Women's fashion
  • Prime Day deals
  • Golf apparel
  • Travel bags and accessories
  • Fall jackets
  • Men's shoes
  • Activewear
  • Labor Day sales

Pitching Insights

Kari Molvar's coverage predominantly focuses on lifestyle, deals & promotions, beauty and fashion. She frequently covers promotional deals and gift guides, making her receptive to pitches related to new product launches or exclusive discounts in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle sectors.

With a strong emphasis on review content as well as topics such as beauty and skincare, Kari would likely be interested in receiving pitches for product reviews of new or trending items within these categories. Additionally, given her focus on winter sports and outdoor fitness apparel topics like ski outfits could also be relevant for pitching.

As she often features articles centered around Cyber Monday deals including TV offers and espresso machines among others it’s clear that she appreciates being kept informed about ongoing sales events across various consumer goods industries.

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Kari Molvar - Journalist Profile - Intelligent Relations (2024)


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