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Getting Started

What is Schedule & Save?
Schedule & Save is a subscription program that helps you save money on groceries with an extra 5% off applied to eligible scheduled items! It is an easy and convenient way for you to receive your most frequently used products at a discounted price on a regularly scheduled cadence. With Schedule & Save, you can select the timing and frequency of your pickup or delivery and cancel or reactivate individual items at your convenience.

Life is busy, so we’ll also send you reminders ahead of your upcoming orders to give you plenty of time to adjust. You can add items to your order until the day before it’s processed, including non-subscription items that will not receive the 5% discount.

How Does Schedule & Save work?
Simply select the “Schedule & Save” option on eligible products and follow the prompts to choose the right quantity, frequency, and pickup/delivery window that works best for you. You’ll receive an email showing your Schedule & Save items and their delivery or pickup schedules. You can update your subscriptions any time — add items, change frequencies, edit or cancel subscription up to the day prior to pick up or delivery.

Which items are included in the Schedule & Save program?
We offer tens of thousands of items on Schedule & Save to help you get your favorite groceries for less. All products with the “Schedule & Save” link are included in the program. You can view Schedule & Save items currently in the program.

Can I order prescriptions through Schedule & Save?
No, not at this time.

Discounts, Charges & Fees

Will I receive a discount on my Schedule & Save items?
Yes! When you subscribe an item to Schedule & Save, you will receive a 5% discount off the online advertised price for that item when your order is processed. It’s that easy — subscribe & save! This discount is applied after any regular-price grocery discounts and grocery deals from the weekly ad. You can feel confident that you always save on groceries with Schedule & Save!

Can I use coupons/clipped deals with my Schedule & Save items?
Yes, always remember to clip your grocery coupons from your just for U® gallery. You can use coupons/clipped deals in addition to the Schedule & Save 5% discount for extra grocery savings. Coupons must have a valid expiration date at the time the order is processed.

Are there any delivery or pickup fees? Is there an order minimum?
There are no Schedule & Save standard fees for pickup orders at your local store. Although, certain states and municipalities may have requirements or restrictions that necessitate a fee for compliance, such as reusable bag requirements.

Standard delivery fees for online deliveries apply. Delivery fees may vary for FreshPass® subscribers. There’s no order minimum, but there is a delivery fee for orders under $30. There’s no order minimum for Schedule & Save recurring orders. However, when subscribing to and purchasing a new Schedule & Save item from digital checkout, standard digital fees will apply to that order, such as minimum order fees.

When will I be charged for orders?
An authorization charge will occur one day before your Next Order is processed. Your Schedule & Save payment method on file will be charged on the day of your pickup or delivery. Your payment method will be charged on a recurring basis prior to each future order.

The amount you are ultimately charged for a product fulfilled will be the price of that item as stated in the pre-order processing email notification, and will include all applicable Schedule & Save discount. All prices are estimated until your order is processed. Any additional discounts and taxes will be applied during order processing and the estimates will be displayed under “Manage Schedule & Save” on the Next Order tab. Final prices will be calculated the day your order is processed. The amount ultimately charged will reflect any changes to the order you have made after the payment authorization.

Are there any additional fees?
No. There are no additional charges for the Schedule & Save program. Standard Fees relating to online orders such as delivery fees, taxes, regulatory fees (including bottle/container deposits and bag fees) will apply.

Subscription Management

Where do I manage Schedule & Save?
The “Manage Schedule & Save” page is where you can edit/add items, change subscription frequency and update your order’s delivery/pickup date and time. You can also modify your delivery or pickup address, payment method and skip or cancel items from your subscription.

Here are 3 ways to access the “Manage Schedule & Save” page:

1. Order Confirmation Email – After you scheduled your item(s), a confirmation email was will be sent with a “Manage Account” link or button that will lead you to the “Manage Schedule & Save” page.

2. Mobile App – Once you’ve opened your downloaded Safeway mobile app, click on the “Member” option at the bottom left of your screen. Then click on the “Account” option at the top right of your screen. Lastly, click on the "Schedule & Save” option.

3. Desktop Device – Click on the “Account” option at the top right corner of your screen. Then select the “Manage Schedule & Save” option.

Can I make changes to my Schedule & Save orders?
You can edit your order directly in the “Manage Schedule & Save” page anytime up until 1 day before your order’s pickup/delivery date. You can also access the “Edit Order” page by clicking on the “Edit Order” button from your order confirmation email.

How do I skip an item from my next Schedule & Save order?
If you decide to skip an item, you can do so up until one day before your delivery or pickup date. You can edit and remove items from your order up until 1 day before your order’s pickup/delivery date. 

1. Head to your “Manage Schedule & Save” page in your account.

2. View your next scheduled order on the “Next Order” tab.

3. Click on the “Skip this item” link next to the item to push it to the next order cycle date.

You can also click on the “Skip this order” link at the bottom of the page to skip your next order.

How will I know when my item is ready for delivery or pickup?
We’ll send you email notifications three days before your delivery or pickup date so you can review everything. You can also choose to receive text message notifications the day before your order is ready.

You’ll also receive email and text notifications (if you have opted-in to receive text messages) on the day of your delivery or pickup when your order is processed. We'll let you know when your order is on the way/ready for pickup. You’ll also receive an online order receipt on the day of your delivery or pickup order.

Items scheduled for delivery or pickup will be delivered or ready for pickup on your preferred day of the week within the time window you selected. If your preferred delivery or pickup time is unavailable, you will be given the next available delivery or pickup window.

How can I check the status of my order?
You can view the status of your next Schedule & Save order in your Manage Schedule & Save page.

Subscription Cancellations

How do I cancel?
You can cancel Schedule & Save items at any time up to one day before your scheduled pickup or delivery using the steps below.

1. Head to your “Manage Schedule & Save” page in your account.
2. Click on the “All Items” tab
3. Click on the “Cancel” link above the item you’d like to cancel
4. Select a “Cancellation Reason” in the drop- down menu
5. Click the “Cancel Item” button.

Why was my subscription cancelled?
If several of your recent Schedule & Save orders are not picked up or delivery is rejected, your subscriptions will be cancelled, and no further Schedule & Save orders will be created on your behalf. To reactivate your subscriptions, follow the steps listed below.

1. Navigate to the Manage Schedule & Save page.
2. Click into the "Scheduled Items" section and click on the "Show canceled items" drop down button.
3. Select "Schedule Item" for each subscription you'd like to reactivate.

Need Help?

How do I contact customer support about my Schedule & Save order?
Contact a customer support representative by calling 877-505-4040 and they’ll be happy to help you with any questions or concerns.

Schedule & Save  | Safeway (2024)


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